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This is the third set in the Neon lighting set series. This set features fully recolorable light and glow emitters which are great for lighting up you parks at night. Some uses for the glow emitters are to put midway lights on your buildings or add some holiday cheer to your park.

Helpful hints to using the set: one is since they are recolorable the default color is black meaning no light is given off unless you select a color. Two is recorable lights can not be recolored once placed so to change the color of a light you have to replace it. Three the position in this set are the same as the other Neon Lighting Sets.

If you need more information just PM me.

Credit to Vodhin.

Section Custom Scenery
File Size 268.53 KB
Date Uploaded Aug 21, 2011




Funny how it looks just like Vodhin's


same building...


He just said credit to vodhin?