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Introducing you to the ultimate coaster based on Volcanic Activity called “Volcanic Rush”. This interesting but unique Coaster Design will make the guests in your park want to go back for more excitement, unless they have a Low Ride Intensity rate. Don’t be afraid to ride “Volcanic Rush”. As I say “Don’t be scared, be prepared”. For a closer glimpse of the coaster, have a look at the Screenshots.

CS Needed:---
- JCat’s Steelworx
Download:--- http://alanm4072.ucoz.com/load/rollercoaster_tycoon_3/custom_scenery/jcats_steel_worx/3-1-0-30
Info:--- Used for the Inverted Coaster Supports.

- Triangular Supports
Download:--- Unknown Link. (I will place this Custom Scenery in with this upload as well).
Info:--- This is only used for the Entrance Billboard so this is not a vital piece to the upload.

Basic Test Results:---
Excitement Rating: 6.53 (High)
Intensity Rating: 6.63 (High)
Nausea Rating: 4.60 (Medium)

What you should know if downloaded: Once you selected the Coaster; Hold the (Shift) button on your keyboard whilst raising the height of the coaster.

Good Luck to the other contestants.

Section Tracks
Type Inverted Impulse Coaster
File Size 2.02 MB
Date Uploaded Jul 19, 2012
Liked by RCTgoMatthew, SamDogy




Well done, RctgoMatthew, now to find the joker and tell him is creation is a joke D=


Thanks for that, much appreciated :)


Congrats!, knew it would win.

Random Alien

It Won.. And I Still Don't Know What It Is...


Congrats dude your AWESOME!!!


Thank you peeps!


Dude that is Epic!


@Rct3steelcreator555: Thanks mate :)


when I try and place it the supports and scenery are underneath the ground what do I do help me please....


@domfranczak97: Hold down the (Shift Key) and move the coaster up, place it as soon as the transparent colour has disappeared. Be sure to place it AS SOON AS THE TRANSPARENT COLOUR HAS DISAPPEARED. Move the coaster up slowly whilst holding the shift button.


Where do I place the picture folder for the billboard?


^ Just in: "My Pictures".


I mean, you place the picture inside that folder in "My Pictures". :)