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She's Beautiful, Smooth & Sexy! Love the colors and the Style. Oh...and She flies =) Enjoy!

Section Tracks
Type Inverted Roller Coaster
File Size 14.96 KB
Date Uploaded Jun 22, 2020


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Hey bro awesome coaster great in my new park with tons of coasters that are all got and all other rides all of them are all themed so makes my park a theme park and the lands how i have it are all themed too like speedfreak zone and thrillville and wet and wild furture world lazy acres toontown kidzone splash pad thrillville splashpad Carolina cove coca cola coolzone and waterpark. This is what i want a new park or carowinds to look like i wish i could rmc rollercoasters like a app that allows you to input any coaster design you have thats wooden of course and RMCs other designs too but really just the rmc process as im talkimg about input design and the app program does just what they do for parks and the design process to an extent of course because the excat process would be to hard to replicate but where it takes the track layout and footplan layout allowed land that can be used and footers that can be reused and the supports that can be reused and refitted and reused to do what you need and reinforced with steal and allows for all types of maneuvers best one of them all is the famous Immelmann loop made famous by a pilot really. Anyways the program would take all that into effect and redesign the coaster with themeing you choose or they do with ever also it does more then one design does less and more of all like excitment and length and inversions also vehicle design like laydown or floorless or standup also winged coasters stuff like that but first few or all designs it does are all rmc design only and then you can tweak the design and see what it does and if its a great new edition maybe your coaster design will get awarded a real themepark or amusement park because its that awesome or maybe a contest get a bunch of parks to contribute on the idea and make it all RMCs idea and app or program design so that they get the coaster contract as main supplier builder even if they have to call in other companys to help in design because they need them for whatever reason say they dont make that type of coaster but want it then to rmc it and make it a little bit of both of them now not one or the other anymore but both combined and made better even if so much as just retracking or new trains or different trains were done but just made better and charge for this app as a addon app purchase for rollercoaster tycoon classic in app purchase for even as much as 29.99 for each one each person and do this same in app purchase for the new game planet coaster too but also do roller coaster tycoon classic for us old skool guys who just cant get away from the classic and want to but cant afford the cpu needed to run and play planet coaster and also the 140$ required to buy the game with all the addons as of now more added all the time but most and all you got to have so makes it very exspensive but maybe soon i will upgrade i want too but the classic still needs this in app purchase update and new rides added from rct4 and rct3 and planet coaster all able to be downloaded onto each other like ride swap program like six flags did in the 80s any body remember that lol.