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Excitement Rating: 15.62 (Ultra Extreme)
Intensity Rating: 4.57 (Medium)
Nausea Rating: 2.67 (Medium)

An Intamin launch coaster inspired by Maverick made in RCT3 themed to an alpine theme.

In the bustling town of Draken based beside a magical forest where it is said evil lurches between the silhouettes of trees and that anyone that goes will be driven mad, however, some most scientists have invented a machine called Waldafur to venture into the forest, however, the scientists can not be the first to use their invention as they must stay on the other side to control Waldafur so some volunteers have been picked to go into the forest you are one of them!

By the way, this is very heavy on custom content! So I am going to try and make a list of what you'll need to run this over the next few days. Youtube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EMqBR2ICE5Q

Section Tracks
Type Intamin Launch Coaster
File Size 12.54 MB
Date Uploaded Sep 4, 2017




Brilliant first entry! Congratulations on the win!

Supra G.L.

This was a great entry. I'm glad that I've lost to this because it's not often that I face very good entries like that.

Just a technical advice for next time, but it's no big deal: there is a way to remove the tabs when taking screenshots. Just name a guest David Walsh, then press CTRL+u, the tabs will disappear.


cool work for rct3