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Holland World 2014 Park *Includes Goliath and Xpress*

———Credit Sid from rctland.com—————
The park was created when Six Flags still owned the park (2004) so I made some adjustments to park to match the park to present day in 2014.

- ImgineerJohn’s Spring Rides
- Red Baron
- Samba Balloon
- Flags by JMinAZ ((Recorable)(USA))
- Ralfveh’s Fountains
- ATH Catwalk Set
- JCat’s Steelworx

Section Parks
File Size 2.34 MB
Date Uploaded Jun 2, 2014




yay nice job! Can you make a Carowinds?


Make a Thorpe Park too.


I'm Still waiting for a Carowinds. Also make a Knotts berry farm, I live 40 minutes away from it.


Not working for me. I have a windows 7 pc. Placed the Walibi World Holland.dat into the Park folder, and when I go to open the game, it shows a picture of the map with all the details, but when I click the park in sandbox, it just opens a blank map with a dirt ground. Please help D:


Sorry if the last message was confusing, but Basically, I cant get the map to work. When I try to open it, it just opens a blank map. I followed as instructed, Walibi World Holland.dat into the Parks folder, but still, it doesn't work. Am I missing a step or not doing something. Help would be gratefully appreciated.


You may be missing some custom items. Make sure you have all the items listed.


where can i download the custom items?