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This is my newest creation on NL2. It glides through 5 Inversions. And features one tunnel

A Dive loop, Pretzel Knot, a new "Roll Around," and a barrel roll.

It is 127.3 feet / 38.7 meters tall, hits a top speed of 56.2 miles/ 90.5 kilometers an hour, and travels through 3189.5 feet / 972.6 meters in 2 minutes.

I was planning on making a "Cedar Fair" type park, which broke down due to framerate issues.

Theme - It's themed to a "patriotic" bird. It swoops through a small forest and travels over water.

Note* I feel like I got pretty lazy with supporting, that is why ~ half of the supports are prefabs.

Section Tracks
Type B&M Invert
File Size 3.98 MB
Date Uploaded Jul 7, 2016
Liked by Tromboneslax