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Warbirds is a pair of dueling B&M Sit-down style coasters inspired by aerial combat of the past as well as today's modern air shows. Named after a military term for any plane retired to civilian use, Warbirds puts riders in the pilot seat as they race, fly, and fight along two different tracks. With 4 near misses, three racing segments, and a set of double-interlocking corkscrews, Warbirds is a ride like no other.

F-14 Tomcat:
Excitement: 8.49 (Very High)
Nausea: 5.63 (High)
Intensity: 3.24 (Medium)

F-5 Freedom Fighter:
Excitement: 8.53 (Very High)
Nausea: 5.36 (High)
Intensity: 3.09 (Medium)

POVs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AvSqtI18jak&feature=youtu.be

Parallax B&M Sit Down

Europa Park Rotor Baron

CS Required:
Moby's Steel Jungle 1&2
Drucifer 67 Top Gun
NYR Stucco Roofs 1&2
Moby's Curver Walls and Floors
CSF Steel Beams
Shyguy's Planters
BriantJuh94's Path Covers
Dasmatze's Fences and Railings
Dasmatzes Industrial Age
Dasmatze's Industrial Age Add-ons
Old Spice's Trees
StationJimJr's Gardening
StationJimJr's Random Things
Ralfvieh's Scifi Set
MGP CUrved Billboards
Shyguy's Billboard Inserts
Stuk71's Hangar's and Canopys
Aceana's Pavement Essentials
MGP Large Rocks
T4L Death Ride Events
ImagineerJohn's Ride Events
CPCisco's B&M Footers
Shyguys Main Street 1-9
Krypt's Grass
Weber's Landscape Planters
Gadget's Coaster Goodies
RCT2 Revival Crue Space Theme Set

Section Tracks
Type Dueling Sit-Down Coaster
File Size 7.24 MB
Date Uploaded Jun 26, 2017
Liked by eljoselu