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Based on Wacky Warren from RCT1 Loopy Landscapes, Warden's Warren is a Dark Age-themed scenario with many underground rides and footpaths. There is a change from the original in that the climate is cool and wet, which justifies the underground footpaths and rides and will make you have to build underground more often.

Goal: To achieve a monthly profit from food, drink, and merchandise sales of at least 5,500.

NOTE: Only OpenRCT2 can run this scenario as this scenario allows for charging for both park admission and the rides. Please do NOT complain when you install this scenario in RCT2 vanilla or RCT Classic only for it to not work.

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Sep 8, 2020




Running RCT2 with TT and WW. This install did not work for me and crashed the game.

Fred 104 4276

You REALLY need OpenRCT2 for this. NONE of my scenarios are made to run on RCT2 vanilla or RCT Classic. How many times do I have to say this?