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Watchtower's 2 by Colray

Another small series of Watchtowers. Ideal for Wild scenarios etc.

CS required:

For the Watchtowers:-

Dasmatze's Swizz It! 2012
Dasmatze's Swizz It!
Woodie by MGP2300
Captains Walkways by StationJimJr.
Ckef's Rock Side Lagoon Set
Traditional Roofs by Weber
M+P's Coal Mine
Ralfvieh's Arabian Days
Ralfvieh's Arabian Nights
Ralfvieh's New Castle
Ralfvieh's New Castle Walls

For the Fences:-

Dasmatze's Industry Age Additions
Ralfvieh's New Castle Walls

All the above are available at Custom Scenery Depot.

Place the .dat files into ...Documents/RCT3/Structures...

Section Structures
File Size 6.54 MB
Date Uploaded Mar 14, 2016
Liked by Huggy Bear



Huggy Bear

This set looks great. I all ready dl'd the first one. I have all ths cs for this one except for M+P's Coal Mine. Could you help me locate it.

I believe I found it.


Wow, these are fantastic!!!



This is a link for the Coal Mine set.