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Welcome to Welly World, located in Slimbridge, Gloucester, UK! This park features rides such as the world's first Stand-Up Inverted coaster, The first roller coaster themed to a radio station, and the world's longest roller coaster! Here are the rides:

The Ride Of Darkness (Spin Doctor)
The Ride Of Water (Parachute Drop)
The Ride Of Mud (Dizzy Dropper, similar to Wilde Hilde)
The Ride Of Food (Disko)
The Ride Of Rock (Claw Of Doom)
The Ride Of Nature (Stand-Up Invverted Coaster. NOTE: I haven't yet made the CTR to the Stand-Up Inverted Coaster)
The Ride Of Fashion (Alieron)
The Ride Of Fitness (Robotic Coaster)
The Ride Of Speed (Hershey's Stormrunner)
The Ride Of Sun (Merry-Go-Round)
The Ride Of The Sky (Loop-O-Plane)
The Ride Of Love (Thunder Bobs)
The Ride Of Poison (Topple Tower)
The Ride Of Fire (Robot Arm)
The Ride Of Metal (Discus)
The Ride Of Sand (Motor Bikes)
The Ride Of Snow (Floorless X-Car, even though it isn't, the actual park does)
The Ride Of Lightning (Barnstormer)
The Ride Of Flowers (Whirling Dervish)
The Ride Of Blood (Wild Mouse)
Heart: The Ride (Mini Coaster)
Splash! (Trampolines)
Welly Falls (Giant Flume)
Horseriding (Steeplechase)
Double SkyWheel
How Are Your Wellies Made?
Welly Mine (Infinity Coaster)
The Big Welly (Infinity Coaster, WORLD'S LONGEST ROLLERCOASTER)

NOTE: All visitors are required to wear wellies/wellington boots/rainboots during their visit. If they don't, the Welly World team will bring in some wellies for them. Thank you!

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Date Uploaded Jul 4, 2020