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One of the more recent additions to Silverthorne Valley, management sought out the assistance of Schwarzkopf to add to the park's growing fame. While surveying the site Junior was struck by what Schwarzkopf called "White" lightning (wait isn't all lightning white since it's pure light?). Fortunately Junior was ok and miraculously only suffered minor burns. After his rather shocking experience he decided that the coaster would be named White Lightning after the recent ordeal.

Schwarzkopf originally intended the coaster to be rather small and terrain hugging, but Junior insisted that it needed at least two loops. With that in mind Schwarzkopf decided he'd add interlocking loops to save room, and allow the coaster to gently meander back to station with a series of winding airtime hills afterwards.

Please note that the download is ONLY the track, scenery is not included.

See screenshots for ratings:

Section Tracks
Type Schwarzkopf Looping Coaster
File Size 764 bytes
Date Uploaded Sep 18, 2016
Liked by SamDogy