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This is my recreated verson of my wicked cyclone track, this time with more scenery. This download comes with the wooden structure, building, scenery for theming, and the C.H.A.S.E logo and a picture of a cyclone. this project took me 3 months to finish and I put alot of effort into this. I hope you enjoy it

CTR: http://www.rct-3.org/downloads/index.php/Entry/1729-Hybrid-Achterbahn/

Big burger timber 2.0
ATH Catwalks
Vodhins light set V2

I know the download title is named Tempesto, that's because i used the same file that I made Tempesto on for this project.

Section Parks
File Size 2.14 MB
Date Uploaded May 24, 2015
Liked by Chimalion




Now that is more of a recreation! Great job Tyler!


Well well well! Looks more realistic than your other creations!