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Wide Lands scenario for beginners or advanced players who just want to have fun. The map is big and wide so enough space to live you out! Please leave a comment what you think about it and if there any changes are needed. :-)

Updated scenario version here:


Map type:

- Pay-per-Ride

Starting money:


- 500 guests by October year 3
- 600 rating

How to install:
- Download the scenario
- Go to the map where you downloaded it and copy: Wide Lands.SC6
- Locate the map where you installed Rct 2 for the most people it is C:/Program Files /Rollercoaster Tycoon 2/Scenario and paste the file there
- Play!
- Have fun!!!

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Jul 28, 2013




If my mac could easily run this then I would definetely get it. But unfortunately I can only play RCT3


Hey mate, i might have found a solution for your problem, check this out: http://themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=62472


[email protected]

it was okay, the money funds is very low which made it maddening to build up a decent sized park. Also after failing it twice i figured out to start putting thrill rides instead of gentle rides and the score never fell below 700. tricky tricky... not nice. LOL You really dont need all that land if you are only going to allow them to use a very low limit from the bank.


To [email protected]

Thanks for you comment and sorry for the late reply, i lost my account for a while. What you say is not very true for the most parts. I tested the park after your comment and i must say it's very easy to win i had no problems at all. The low money funds was meant to be, you have to start small but after few rides you can make loads of money and become a tycoon. You just have to budget your money. I've checked the settings and peeps should go to all rides. It's just when you are just started with your park you don't have many people and they are picky, but after a while you will have more people and more different characters walking around your park. Also if you have trouble with gaining people try a marketing campaign, it should help. I hope this helped your problem! I also have uploaded a second version of this scenario, this should help the 'money problem'. Goodluck and have fun! :-)

Updated scenario version