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The ultimate western theme park with 12 roller coasters, 13 flat rides, a dark shooting ride and 2 water rides. Includes two elevated areas and one island on the wild western land.

It's roller coasters are a mine train, inverted coaster, looping coaster, spinning coaster, flying coaster, wooden coaster, motorbike coaster, wild mouse, monorail looping coaster, junior coaster and a RMC.

Includes many flat rides including drop towers, go karts and a dark ride. Also has a log flume and water coaster. All facilities in game to start running the ultimate western theme park.

1. Canyon Runner 1.1m
2. Sonic (Invert with 5 inversions) 1.4m
3. Sonic Boom (Looping coaster) 1.4m
4. Sonic Spinball (Spinning coaster) 1.15m
5. Superman (Flying coaster) 1.4m
6. Tigris 1.4m
7. Toro Tunnelling (95 mph wooden coaster) 1.3m
8. Velocity (Motorbike coaster) 1.37m
9. Wild Mouse 1.15m
10. Wild West Devil (Monorail looping coaster) 1.4m
11. Wild West Dragon (Junior coaster) 0.9m under 1.4m with over 16
12. Wild West Smiles (RMC) 1.32m

Flat Thrill Rides
13. Ascendance (Drop tower) 1.2m
14. Enterprise 0.9m under 1.4m with adult
15. Gears of Fear 1.4m
16. Hammer Swing 1.3m
17. Horse Race (Go Karts) 1.4m and over 12
18. Hurriance 1m
19. Hyper Jump (Drop Tower) 1.2m
20. Rising Raptor 1.1m
21. Roto Drop 1.4m
22. Scizzer 1m
23. Sun Flare 1.22m
24. Sonic Ring 1.4m

Junior Flat Rides
25. Bent’s Old Fort (Shooting ride) Any height
26. Sky Temple Any height

Water Rides
27. Log Flume 1.1m under 1.4m with adult
28. Typhoon (Water coaster) 1.2m

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Date Uploaded Jan 22, 2021