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Our story begins with a meager mouse who wants to...uhh....

"I be yet tiny, but yet brazen to allude to such a wild (with an 'e') situation where I shall be no meager as than how big ye fear, but brood not over such a frivolous thing as a wee little wilde maus. -Said no one ever.

Mice, we are mice and we will ruelllll your dayyyyyyyy...ah. For they say mice and men are two evils interlinked in a torturous environment where the cold bitter winds and MEAN PEOPLE RUIN OUR CROPS. THANKS SO MUCH, MR. PLOUGHMAN.

If I were to continue this meager bit of harsh, brash and ye funny trinkets held within this narration, you'd have to be a immensely differing wilde maus to go through with...it.

I'm not sorry."

Excitement: 6.somethingornother. Meh, its pretty boring.
Intensity: 6.45
Nausea: Blargh. No one cares. (HEH)

I don't even know what this was but here's my first entry y'all! :D

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Type Wild Mouse Roller Coaster
File Size 317 bytes
Date Uploaded Dec 15, 2017
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