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A set of the best wingrider ctrs avaliable

Update: Gatekeeper CTR:http://rctgo.com/downloads/view/9476

I couldn't be asked to add gatekeeper onto this download

Section Custom Scenery
File Size 18.24 MB
Date Uploaded Nov 6, 2013




which coaster? i need to know which one so i can find the problem


Thanks man also its working fine for me.
I tried installing CS on the gold version same thing happend to me but it worked fine when i installed it then placed it so maybe thats why?


dude, just because this is a popular download doesnt mean u can advertise


I tried to download it and I did it properly took me two day and its not in my game when it should be someone help


Where do I place these in my files?


There should be a readme. I haven't been on rct3 for a few months, so I will have to get back to u


I have downloaded it but how do I get it into my game. Please help me i have been wanting this since i got the game.


Everyone, post this in your tracks folder. c:


It worked for me but the B&M wingrider is UPSIDE DOWN. WTH?


How do I turn this thing right side up? It's hanging below the track instead of on top of the track! HELP!


i downloaded this because when i downloaded the Swarm CT it says i need the swarm backwards ar but i didnt know where to find it so when i loaded up the ct the cs works great but when i place track it crashes my game i need help

Iron Coaster

Why is the intamin one a barrel in my game?