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I actually made this account specifically to upload this because why not. It was mostly a park for myself but I don't see any reason why not to share it lol.

This is Winnebago Park, an empty park set on the shores of Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin. I made it to attempt to try to get a smaller/family type park vibe (I suppose that's how I'd describe it). I made the main hills at the edge of the map by hand tile by tile but the river/lake and hill around the center of the map were made with the help of the mountain tool.

Anyway, the goal of this is a fairly easy 1500 guests by October Year 3. The loan also makes it easy since it starts at ,000 but goes up to 0,000. This does require both Time Twister and Wacky Worlds since I kinda filled the ride list to the 128 attraction limit. And the scenery too.

Thank you for checking this out, and if you download it then hopefully you enjoy! :)

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Date Uploaded Sep 28, 2021
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Easy map. Reached the goal at the end of year 1. Bye the way if you use Dollarsigns in your description then numbers disappear.


@tabofantasy Thanks for trying it out! Seems like it's a bit easier than I imagined at least lmao but that's alright :)


What are the loan numbers exactly?