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I have not uploaded a park in a while and actually got the dust of the game and started to play it again. Here is a park that I created called Winter Wonderland Adventures. It is set in the snowy hills and features more than 12 roller-coasters, flat rides, 3 food courts, and a lot of custom buildings.

For this park , you are going to need the >Vodhins Light Kit pack<, and the >SK-HGR 71 Scenery Kit< also, otherwise the roofs of most buildings will not show up. You will also need the Shy Disney Main Street Pack #4 for floors in the stations. IF you have most of the packs, this should work. I have so many now it is hard to list them all individually.

I know with the new RCT World coming out, not many people are still playing this anymore, but thanks to all those who have built custom packs and scenery. You guys made the game soooooo much better!!

Section Parks
File Size 7.49 MB
Date Uploaded Dec 20, 2014




beautiful, i really like all the details in the stations


I have to say that this looks wonderful, and i love it, but can you list all the CS that you have used for this park, because most of the stuff in your park is missing. :)


The main packs that you will have to have is the
Vodhins Light Packs
Dasmatz Railings, and RR Crossing
Office Day and Brick Objects
All of the Shy Packs, Main Street and such.

Let me look and see what exact packs I used, but the ones above are the main ones.


Ok, i will try and find them again, but i have to say that i do like the screenshots of this amazing park. :)