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Hello and welcome to Whisper Falls!

Thanks for being here :)
This is my first scenario that I am releasing in a series of scenarios that follow one simple rule:


You can eventually purchase the entire park but you will have to be crafty and find a way to make some decent money. [This map wasn't made to be easy]

There are 3 objectives, all with different difficulty. Please be kind as I have not had much time to test the map, but I have many more of these to release over time.

I would love to hear your opinion so be sure message me through the RCTgo discord or visit my youtube channel: https://youtube.com/@WitherFoxOfficial


Known bugs:

When placing path, objects, or rides at the beginning, you have to smooth the ground for placement. Otherwise, what you place will be slightly offset and guests will be unable to interact with them. I have tried fixing this in scenario editor with no prevail but I'm actively looking for solutions to this problem

Probably going to rework the challenges since they seemed a little off balance from my first playthrough of the map. Still testing though

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Nov 28, 2022