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This is an own replica of a Wooden Roller Coaster called 'Wodan - Timburcoaster' which stands in the Europa-Park in Rust, Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Germany. The original one contains three trains. My replica is still in progress or rather a beta version. Perhaps, I will take another chance (in RCT4, if it will ever be released) by building it a second time even more realistic.

Station buildings (extra download): http://rctgo.com/downloads/view/9809

Well to know: If you want more than one train riding harmoniously on the track, it is advisable to build block brakes on flat and straight tracks.

Let's Ride: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtscjMRzjgQ

Type: Wooden Roller Coaster
Ride time: 1:41 minutes
Ride length: 1046.45 meters (in reality: 1050 meters)

Excitement Rating: 6.53 (high)
Intensity Rating: 7.29 (high)
Nausea Rating: 4.06 (medium)

Designing engineer: Rollercoaster-Fan

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Section Tracks
Type Wooden Roller Coaster
File Size 201.15 KB
Date Uploaded Jul 20, 2013




Super awesome coaster! Do you mind if I re-create it in No Limits?


Thanks. Make it!


whoops, haha! I had thought this was a Rollercoaster-Fan original. I'll still make it because its an awesome coaster.


This is an awesome rollercoaster! I also love the stats. They're perfect. I always like to have a little nausea rating. Congrats man, and @the-big-cheese do that i wanna see it


Thanks for your feedback!


Very nice!

Now another attempt at making a covered station... :)


Thanks. I will work on a better version of the station and perhaps later on I try to advance the track.


Station buildings available: http://rctgo.com/downloads/view/9809