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All the ratings in The Screenshots. thnx for downloading. this is my first time so i will like to tell u alsothat it can cost 15000$ . i am trying to make some better coasters than it. thanks again

Section Tracks
Type Wooden Roller Coaster
File Size 72.86 KB
Date Uploaded Nov 22, 2013




pls tell any corrections to it ......


really cool i would of used a ctr for it but oh well


This is weird.
To gain a good coaster, you must put foliage, CS, and lakes to make a realistic one.


i dont use ctr and cs and all that...i tried that once and my game went corrupt ... but thanks for the comment guys


np but other than that very cool also it depends on what ctr u use my game will crash if i use a ctr that
i dont have the right car. so try downloading mine skyrush ctr it doesnt crash if u follow the read me.


You don't have to use CS to make a good coaster.


i know im not good with cs so all my coasters dont have cs