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*Please note, this is the fixed version of Woodland Wonderland and if you download it, it should replace the broken version of Woodland Wonderland*

This is a park in the middle of a forest with a huge lake and loads of customs rides to keep you busy all day

*This scenario will be under the "Other Parks" section*

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Apr 16, 2016
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Ehm my RCT2 + WW + TT won't load it, it always gives me an error and sends me back to the main menu.

It is NOT one of those cases where you open once, it shuts down and then you have everything it needs to be by next game start.
It says:

"File could not be loaded ...
Missing Object Data, ID: CLJMPRND/0055F509175A7FED"

What kind of CS is needed?