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"Workbench 2014 NCSO - by Cobra"

is an Sandbox Scenario for RCT-2 (original)


- size "200x200"
- climatic "hot&dry"
- unlimited money
- entrance placed in the south corner
- terrainpaint "sand"
- NO Addon Attractions (Time Twister & Wacky Worlds)
- found under "others"

I gave my best to choose most of the importent objects that are allways useful.
With the limitations its really hard to choose the right parts, but some objects are more useful than others.
I don't use any objects from the addon-packs, because the colors doesn't fits to the original RCT-2 style. And a workbench should be usable to "every" player.

all my RCT-2 (ncso) projects that i will upload in the future are be build on this workbench, so you can open it at see the track with the scenary. Sometimes it's annoying to download a coaster from different sites and you can't see the scenary, infact of the wrong or not existing workbench/safegame.
To avoid things like this i'm currently re-work all of my past Projects on this workbench.

A lot of "Matze"s & "Steve Frank"s RCT-2 Creations can be shown up with this workbench, too.

If you use my Workbench for your projects and upload it, i would recommend to give an info about it.
So that other people know which workbench you used and if they dont have it, they can search for and download it here.

I hope YOU (the downloader) have some fun with it and don't forget, the only limitation is your imagination ;).

Soo long, Cobra

Section Scenarios
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Date Uploaded Aug 30, 2014




Thx Now I Have An Awesome Park!


Good, thanks