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World of Wonders, the worlds best en largest NO CUSTUM SCENERY park!

Discover the World of Wonders: A various amount of themed areas, 9 rollercoasters for thrillseekers and the whole family, entertainment, lots of nature, 2 hotels, an indoor pool and all other wonders you could possibly imagine🌟✨!

Imagine this scenario🌟✨:
The moment you step out of the car at the parking lot. On your right is a giant indoor pool with lots of slides. In front, you see the entrance and the skyline of the park featuring some rollercoasters. On your left, you hear the sound of a nearby rollercoaster, guests screaming of joy and adrenaline. The best day of your life, is about to begin!⭐✨

Feel free to play and discover this map, it took me almost 2 years to finish it! :)

- The highly themed map may cause some problems on some weak computers, because the file is pretty big...
- Make sure both expension packs Soaked! and Wild! are installed, if not, your system might crash...
- On some computers, it is recommended to lower textures, and maybe even turn of shadows (turning of shadows will not give the ''full experience'' of in example the forested areas.
- Place the file on your Documents - RCT3 - Parks

Hope you enjoy it!

- Tivari -

Section Parks
File Size 14.53 MB
Date Uploaded Sep 22, 2020




Feel free to download, play and discover the World of Wonders!


That looks incredible dude!


@samholloway Thanks! :)