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My model of the WTC!!!!!!! Sorry but I can't make an outdoor (or indoor) observation deck. But I could put the pinnacle! You may start finding this in my park. And it took me a hour and a quarter to build!!!!!!! So enjoy!!!

Section Structures
File Size 1.54 MB
Date Uploaded Apr 6, 2012
Liked by KingMojoe, KingMojoe




personally dont really think this is something you can use in a game?!?

in very bad taste in my personal opinion


Do not see the point of it to be honest? Just waste space.


Well it was a lankmark...
And took me an hour and quarter to build. :(


i liked it i set it on fire with particales makers it was funn


Wow, I can see this wasn't well received. Such a shame too. I notice someone says it's not in good taste, but it's not as bad as Cody's comment which was just really not funny at all.
Nice attempt at it though, well done.