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The ultimate island theme park shaped to be like Thorpe Park with 14 roller coaster's, 9 flat rides and 3 water rides. Has a bridge going to over the island. Some coasters are spilt off on islands.

It's roller coasters are a giga hyper coaster, inverted coaster, flying coaster, racing infinity coaster, wooden coaster, wing coaster, launched coaster, shuttle coaster, wild mouse, RMC and a extreme spinning coaster. Has many of the flat rides with ride skins. Also has a log flume, water coaster and gentle boat ride.

1. Alien Inferno (Inverted coaster), 1.4m
2. Flight of the Hippogriff (Junior coaster), 0.9m under 1.4m with adult
3. Flying Stingray (Flying coaster), 1.4m
4. Hydro Invertor (9 inversion coaster), 1.4m
5. Infinity West 1 (Racing infinity coaster), 1.4m
6. Infinity West 2 (Racing infinity coaster), 1.4m
7. Nightmare (Wooden roller coaster), 1.3m
8. Rage (Hyper giga coaster, 316 feet, 95 mph), 1.32m
9. The Crow (Wing coaster), 1.4m
10. Top Thrill Gulpee (Launched coaster 267 feet, 93 mph), 1.4m
11. Wicked Twister (Shuttle coaster), 1.4m
12. Wild Mouse (Steel), 1.25m
13. Wildtame (RMC), 1.22m
14. Xtem Dizzy Spell (Extreme spinning coaster), 1.4m

Thrill Flat Rides
15. Forge, 1.4m
16. Hammer Swing, 1.4m
17. Manta, 1.2m
18. Rocktopus, 0.9m
19. Screamintor, 1.4m
20. Star Flyer, 1.22m
21. Sundial, 1.4m
22. The Aeronauts, 0.9m under with 1.4m with adult

Junior Flat Rides
23. Grand Carousel, Any height – 1.2m for horse

Water Rides
24. Fantasy River (River rapids), 0.9m under 1.4m with adult
25. Tidal Wave, 1.2m
26. Jaws: The Ride (Gentle boat ride), Any height

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Date Uploaded Apr 3, 2021