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The Giant has not limits to Fear your riders to the edge of the seats and beyond. As the climb at a whooping 30 MPH to reach the top, the will come over the edge and plum-it back to the earth at speeds that fighter pilots are exposed too. Now come ride this ER(23.99)Ultra Extreme, IR(7.05)High, NR(3.67)Medium Drop of Doom ride. One of my collections. Enjoy Sorry for no Screen Shot everyone, still having issues with RCT3 and Windows 7.

Section Tracks
Type Roller Coaster
File Size 72.33 KB
Date Uploaded Jun 7, 2012
Liked by SamDogy




Sounds like a cool coaster dude, wish I had Soaked and Wild, though, would love to try this out!


where do I put the file under?