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This morning I woke up, drank my coffee and began choosing between going running or building a coaster... I chose the latter.
And because I had a strange dream last night, I decided I'll step out of my box and do something different.
Here's the result:

coasterball XXI
E: 7,07 (with scenery+waterfall)
I: 9,66
N: 4,08


I would have the time of my life riding this one... maybe you would too.

Section Tracks
Type Coaster Ball
File Size 73.66 KB
Date Uploaded Apr 26, 2011



Twin Coasters Inc.

I think it is awesome how you spelled out your name in the track. Can you do other letters and can you do this with other tracks?
Here is a friendly challenge. Build a coaster that spells out XXI from an aerial view.

Have Fun!


Its good Idea place a roller coaster in front of waterfall. its Fantastic!!