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Are you know Yeti? Yeti is monster from ice cave. Yeti so dangerous like this rollercoaster. Don't panic. its only name! :) XD

Excitement: 8.93
Intensity: 9.51
Nausea : 7.46

Coaster guide:

-Peeps like rollercoaster in Excitement 3 until the maximum Excitement
-Peeps like rollercoaster in intensity 4 until 10
-Don't use the extreme feature like zero g roll
-Don't place a lot of loops
-Don't make alot oh helixes
-Make structures for a rollercoaster like station structures
-Place fireworks/water jets/lasers near the rollercoaster
-Add ride events
And last place animatronics

Maybe that tips helpful for you

Plaese comment and rate!


Section Tracks
Type Roller Coaster
File Size 1.25 MB
Date Uploaded Jun 19, 2011


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Looks pretty coll, do you have the full scenario?