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One day in 2050.

As an amusement park expert, He'd been through the world.

But that diligent foot slows down, bright eyes dimmed...

Now an old man who had trouble even holding a pen.

He suddenly thinks, leaving only the last chapter of his autobiography,

thinking of the relationships he built and the relationships he passed.

Is there any chance that they can see each other for the last time?

Now the old man tries to exert his last strength, for the last time.

Get 2,050 guests with maintaining park value over 700!

Guests are old, so prefer less intense rides.

Section Scenarios
File Size 4.13 MB
Date Uploaded Mar 2, 2019




That map idea is wholesome! :)


I loved playing the scenario thank you :)


To my Moon, your ideas are brilliant and I love your detailed & super-creative historic works! You’re not only ingenious, but you are a genius — and I hope you know this by your heart. Thank you infinitely for your masterpieces!