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An emergence of zombies by mysterious viruses!

All the surrounding land has been occupied, and people have already turned into zombies or got infected.

You managed to escape onto the roof of abandoned factory, but you also got infected.

But you have to keep your hopes up and take refuge on the rooftop of your still-living colleagues.

The time you can remain a human is 2.8 years.

In a desperate situation full of zombies underfoot, you'd like to enjoy the last for you and your colleagues.

Get 1,300 colleagues within 3 years!
Keep in mind that this scenario is difficult, so you have to build many attractions in limited space!

*submission : Do not use the land surface. Use only spaces on the roof, rooftop or container boxes.

Section Scenarios
File Size 2.26 MB
Date Uploaded Feb 27, 2019




People can walk on the pipe circle line. Use it as a main road!


A perfectly challenging park. Not too easy not too hard. Great details as always, and it worked in rct classic. And it has benches! Thanks!