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This is my first custom track i've ever built, ZOMBIE; a custom made wooden coaster about the Apocalypse. walkthrough a bunker and a haunted house as you walk through the queue. as you get on, you start to get a feeling of the apocalypse, then off you go, through a scary forest trying to lose the feeling, but as you see the first drop, you've already died and you spirit is trying to revive you as an apocalyptic zombie. you climb up to the track, twisting and turning, but be careful, the wood has been damaged by other zombies. you drop back down, trying to escape the after life, you rise up and go through some old buldings before helexing to the brakes. congrats, you survived the Apocalypse.

CSO Required:

Big Burger's timber 2.0
ATH Catwalk

CTR required:
Datmaze's Intamin Wooden CTR

Picture Required:

Zombie Logo: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/ff/Zombie_1978_Logo.png


Section Parks
File Size 1.46 MB
Date Uploaded Apr 22, 2015
Liked by Maverick360