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On the one hand, you have your peeps that love animals. On the other hand, you have your peeps that love rides. What's the solution? Put your hands together! Meet scenario objectives by creating brilliant habitats for animals. Don't forget to turn on your research and utilize marketing to rake in the money. Included in this scenario is a custom roller coaster: Persuasion (pictured in screenshot 4). Ride stats are as follows:
E/I/N: 5.63/5.92/3.67
Max Speed: 44.95mph
Ave Speed: 26.15mph
Ride Time: 1:14
Ride Length: 2839.91 ft.
Max positive vertical G's: 3.60g
Max negative vertical G's: -1.27g
Max lateral G's: 2.68g
Total Air Time: 0:13
Drops: 8
Highest Drop Height: 71.75ft
Number of Inversions: 0

The park also starts you out with an animal tour and some custom buildings (not custom scenery).

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Date Uploaded Sep 14, 2011
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