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Evansworld Resort - WITH 2 SEPERATE PARKS

Requires RCT3: Soaked! and RCT3: Wild! 27 screenshots 3 comments

There are 5 sections:
The Resort Hotel
The Shopping Area
Lunarland (a sci-fi themed park)
Evansland (like disneyland, but with my last name and batman rides)
the Unfinished Oceanland (a water park that will have 4 water slides and an aquaman splash boat ride)

Plans for future updates:
A new ride inspired by test track in epcot
More rides in the Batman themed area (construction started)
Metropolis: A new area in Evansland based on characters such as the flash, superman, and many others
Oceanland (mentioned above)

I used a lot of stuff from RollerCoaster Creations's Magic Kingdom Park, ( https://rctgo.com/downloads/view/walt-disney-worlds-magic-kingdom-unfinished.16815 ) including space mountain and the castle from disney world. I also used RCTgoMatthew's skyscraper set ( https://rctgo.com/downloads/view/skyscraper-set.4153 )
oh yeah and also the hotel is made by BMrct

Also no cs needed

Lunarland Rides Worth Mentioning:
The Peoplemover
Tron Lightcycles
Space Mountain

Lunarland Shows:

Evansland Rides Worth Mentioning:
The Haunted Mansion
The Batman
The Joker

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Date Uploaded
Jul 15, 2017




how do i add screenshots


I forgot to credit the guy who made the resort hotel, BMrct


Hi JackTheTicTac! To take a screenshot, go in the game and position your view of what you want to see on the screenshot then simply hit F10. Move around to get your next view and repeat. The pictures will save automatically in your pictures folder on your computer in the folder RCT3 in the pictures folder. You can open each one in paint and crop out the buttons on the side and save as a jpeg. Hope this helps, best of luck!