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LOVED THIS map by EvilStevilTheKenevil! so unique, cool, funny, and challenging. Love the idea of starting with a beat up park rating. there are all these random funny things that make it so fun! LOL. I was able to beat this in year 2, a little faster than I expected, the (bobsled coasters were a little op with some tweaking). plus I took advantage of that moded wild side friction coaster! the challenge is so unique because you are fighting to stay out of debt. I just wish i knew ATMs are not available, i spent the entire time researching for that lol. let me know if you like my park!

Scenario: https://rctgo.com/downloads/view/joe-exotics-fever-dream.21689

Section Parks
File Size 6.44 MB
Date Uploaded Jan 10, 2022
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lolyou literally have to unlock EVERY shop and stall in the game before you get the ATM. Similarly, I put the corkscrew, hyper-twister, air-powered vertical coaster, etc. at the end of the list. This scenario would be WAY easier if you had access to the corkscrew at the start.

Otherwise, the order in which you unlock things is almost entirely random.

...I'll be honest, I haven't actually beaten it yet (not without cheating, anyway). It has become quite clear to me that most of the map goes unused. When you're in debt you don't want to spend ridiculous amounts on land, and once you're out of debt a 0,000 company value isn't that far off, and you won't be buying much land.


@EvilStevilTheKenevil It was a lot of fun, I really had to focus hard on how I was going to extract as much cash as possible from all the rides and shops. I ended up doing many saves and pausing the game a lot lol. the idea of no atm was a cool challenge! I love when you're limited with certain rides and shops. I agree, a corkscrew coaster in any scenario right at the beginning makes it too easy. Please make more scenarios!!