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Completed park: https://rctgo.com/downloads/view/paradise-thrills-theme-park-ultimate-theme-park-max-size-filled-park.18626

A theme park that is ready to open and be expanded for a very happy future! Includes a nice looking grand entrance, wooden coaster that interacts with it, 310 feet & 100 mph giga coaster, snow themed giga coaster, water coaster, log flume, dinghy slides to get down stairs, great go-karts track and a few flats!

*Because of the downloaded files on it needs to be downloaded to work - to get it downloaded - If you are logged in to RCTGO. If you click on 07scott1, then the link of home page under contact details and download on the zipped file called "1; object". (Then put it in object folder on OpenRCT)
To have it on iPad upload 1;object files to onedrive. Then you will need to open the AE swim file in the RCT app and it will work.

Or (Put the filedropper website address then /object at the end of address. (Then put it in object folder on OpenRCT)
Or get some of the downloaded files/ attractions by searching amazing earl rct and download all attractions and put in object folder. I recommend OpenRCT and this has a objects folder in it's folder. (Then put it in object folder on OpenRCT)

Section Parks
File Size 8.28 MB
Date Uploaded Nov 18, 2018