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3... 2... 1... ROCK!
Since its opening in the early 00s just beyond the park entrance, the Roadster wasted no time becoming the signature coaster of Raspberry Acres. There's nothing like a 0-to-70 launch to give you a taste of the hard and fast rock 'n' roll lifestyle!

No custom scenery was used in the making of this coaster, and no animals were harmed except for the squirrel we accidentally ran over with a maintenance truck (but he had it coming).

Full park available here:

Requires OpenRCT2 to open properly.

Section Tracks
Type Hyper-Twister Roller Coaster
File Size 312 bytes
Date Uploaded Dec 9, 2018


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WARNING! Don't load this ride in RCT Classic. It will cause tour game to crash when scrolling in Hyper-Twister Roller Coaster. If this happens, make sure the first thing you do is save your work when RCT resumes.