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The third version of my park.

List of changes:

1) The Furio Project was demolished. All that I left from him is a part of the rail near the entrance.

2) In place of "Furio Project" a new coaster called "Orange Flight" has opened.

3) Also, a new attraction has opened near the entrance to the "Orange Flight"

4) "Millenium force" has been updated and the brakes have been moved a little further than they were.

5) "Dragon Khan" has been massively rebuilt! If earlier after the third Loop there was a second ascent, now the slide continues even further.

6) Speakers with music appeared in all areas of the park.

This concludes the third version of the park. Wait for the next updates! :)

Previous version of the park - https://rctgo.com/downloads/view/sixflags-new-advanture.20468

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Date Uploaded Jun 7, 2021